Fishing the Midwest

4 08 2011

Go to “Fishing the Midwest” with Bob Jensen and watch our Pelican Lake 2011, episode 9.  We took bob out and caught some nice fish last August…


Wallies are biting too!

8 07 2010

We have seen several 5-10 lbs wallies this summer.  Most people are catching and releasing them, which is great.  They are the BIG time spawners and help keep the walleyes in the lake.  The lake is at 5.16, which is up 5-6 cm since the low.

Everyone is having fun and enjoying GWL!  Oh, I got my first par 3 on the “Howl & 1 Golf Course” behind the lodge.  The green is coming along nicely.

CRAPPIES are Biting & We’re OPEN for Business!

27 04 2010

Well, the past two Sundays Al & I have caught 16 & 20 crappies…3 nice pike and 2 bluegills…all are back in the lake with the exception of 6 crappies….can you say YUM!

We are now open for business….Come on up and catch some sun, fun, and CRAPPIES!

Pelican Lake says, “Spring is here to STAY!”

12 04 2010

Wow, what a nice Spring…”tropical” for MN standards…We put the docks in last weekend…Ducks, geese, eagles, and other birds are chasing one another around, fun to watch.

The lake is ready for fishing season!

We’re booking up fast, so make reservations now, if you want a spot.


“Ice OUT Friday, April 2, 2010!!

5 04 2010

Well, as hard as it is to believe, the ice went out around 6:30 PM last friday…I saw my first Great Blue Heron today.  The geese, eagles, bufflehead ducks and mallards are crazy…

We are finishing siding the Sauna/Yoga Center this week!  then we complete the Mini-golf course and Disc-golf course.

Never ending projects, but that’s what we like to do….

Yes, this is probably a record ice out.  We’ll have to go back 3-4 generations to beat this date.

Opener isn’t far off now!!!

Happy Easter!

Geese in the AIR!

19 03 2010

Today I saw my first goose of the year!  They are in the area.  The rivers are opening up and so are a few beaver dams, I am sure…The warmth has been intense and long winded.  It should cool down this weekend.  The ice is getting darker…We’ve cleaned up the yard and hit a couple of golf balls…too bad I have a mean slice!

We have a nice family of Grouse in the yard too…I hope the Red Fox doesn’t find them…Deer are very active right now too, the clover is getting green and they are lovin’ it…

Nature Call

4 03 2010

Pine Siskins, Nuthatches, and Black-capped Chickadees crowd the bird feeders these days.  warm sun, black sunflower seeds and little wind allow these birds to flock in for their daily feast.

Two deer kills were reported on the west end of the lake last weekend. 

We had a gorgeous Red Fox in the backyard this AM around 6:00 rummaging and driving Oz crazy. 

Our neighbor reported 32 deer at his feeder this week.  We have 4-7 cross through the yard every day.  What a beautiful sight.

Think spring!