Pelican Lake, Orr, MN Weather Report & Animal Sightings

8 03 2009

Today looks like a  slightly overcast day with mild winds and temps in the 10-20 degree range.  Just right for frolicking in the snow; skiing, sledding, fishing.

Deer are becoming more active and Carol spotted a large Timberwolf yesterday crossing HWY 23 on her way to town.  The warmer temps have a positive affect on everybody and everything!

The birds have been very active for the past two months, downy woodpeckers, redpolls, pine siskins, bluejays, nuthatches, black-capped chickadees, pine grosebeaks, american tree sparrows, finches and lumberjacks are most common.  I have also seen our resident pilliated woodpecker couple as well.  Carol has spotted a box owl or two along the ski trails behind the lodge.  Birdwatching has been fun…We average between 1-20 birds + two squirrels at the feeders at a time.

Neighbors report that they have not seen any wolves on the lake this winter.  Perhaps this soon will change as well.  The lake had quite a bit of slush on it this year, due to the heavy layer of snowcover.  We will keep our eyes peeled.


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